iLinkDigital: Engineering Impactful Business Outcomes

Sree Balaji, CEO
Sakthi Kannan, Data and AI CEO

“We engineer impactful business outcomes for technology-driven initiatives through the breadth and depth of our digital capabilities”

Ever since the technological evolution, data has been playing a prominent role in business operations. Today, data has become the backbone of every business. The volume, velocity, and variety of data collected by businesses is increasing at a rapid rate. Businesses are integrating IoT device data, enhanced customer analytics from external sources, and more internal tracking data.

With these increases, there is a growing need for more intelligent solutions to help process complex scenarios and produce actionable results. This is where iLink Digital comes into the picture. iLink Digital is a global professional solutions company with product engineering experiences generating value at scale for 250+ enterprises since 2002. “We engineer impactful business outcomes for technology-driven initiatives through the breadth and depth of our digital capabilities. iLink has heavily focused on our ability to provide solutions that handle the scale of data at the speed of business, even as that scale increases and the needs of the business rapidly evolve.  We’re constantly evaluating new tools and methodologies to ensure that each solution is the best fit for each client’s unique needs,” begins Sree Balaji, CEO, iLink Group.

iLink uses its deep industry and functional expertise in areas such as cloud, data, analytics, artificial intelligence, IoT, Conversational AI, RPA, advanced communication, and salesforce to solve diverse sets of business challenges for clients. The company’s business process span from ideation to execution helping them optimize costs, maximize profits and provide tangible business outcomes at speed and scale. 

With the amount of data generated through various solutions, it can be overwhelming for businesses to manage it all. Power BI integration allows customers to dial into exactly what they need. iLink’s tailor-made Power BI solutions help customers transform their data into rich visuals for a better organization to stay in the know, spot trends, and push their business further.

iLink’s Digital Experience & IoT solutions cover a wide array of technologies to address the most pressing issues that businesses around the globe are facing. Moreover, iLink is a top partner to leading cloud providers like Microsoft, AWS, and Google. The company’s work scope includes product engineering, low-code engineering, technology modernizations, DevSecOps, and CX/UX Digital strategy. Its IoT Solutions offer end-to-end consulting with integration & implementation alongside analytics & insights.

In a nutshell, iLink’s competitive edge lies in its ability to continue to push the boundaries of data analytics to deliver substantial and meaningful outcomes for customers. The company’s highly competitive team of certified experts is laser-focused on solving various business challenges for customers that deliver real-world impact. In fact, the team routinely executes PoCs of various use cases and leverages new and critical features of data analytics solutions to identify how to better serve our existing and potential customers.

“We work as an extended team for our customers and help them through various stages (starting from presales support, envisioning, training, adoption, etc). Our strong partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, and Google allow us to leverage the best technology on the market and work alongside the best and brightest to deliver world-class outcomes,” Sakthi Kannan, Data and AI CEO, iLinkDigital. 

iLink Digital originated back in 2001 when Sree Balaji registered a company while working for another one. In the same year, the 9/11 incident created a slump in the industry, and Balaji decided to devote full-time to his venture – iLink Digital (then iLink Systems). However, it was in 2002 when iLink Digital truly became operational. The cofounders – Sree Balaji and Sridhar M opened their first offices in two prime technology centers – Bellevue USA, and Chennai, India. A year later, the team received its first big contract and soon more renowned names started adding to the client’s list. Despite facing initial challenges, iLink has emerged as one of the top technology solution providers.

Today, iLink has a strong customer base in the US, India, Mexico, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The team has worked with leading companies in industries like Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telecom, BFSI, and Retail. The company offers different engagement models based on clients’ requirements and achieves an equilibrium of process and flexibility to meet the changing needs of clients. “We have been honored with 7 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementing customer solutions based on Microsoft technology and have strong partnerships with AWS and Google as well,” points Balaji.

As a company, iLink is continuing to grow and its success so far is just the beginning. Its most recent partnership with Databricks provides the data engineers at iLink adds the ability to automate data workflows for even the most data-intensive organizations. “Our customers will have even greater control of their workflows and better performance and visibility into their data. We have expanded our presence to not only the United States and India, but also Mexico, Portugal, UAE, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Canada. Our strong Microsoft partnership, has allowed us to continue to be a leader in the data analytics solutions space, most notably recognized by our back-to-back Partner of the Year awards in Power BI for 2021 & 2022,” concludes Balaji. 

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