Wellness Clinical Research: Helping Discover the Medicines of Tomorrow

EnmanuelCorvo, CEO
Zorayei Gonzalez, Project Director

“Our goal has always been to make it easy for all patients to discover promising clinical trials empower physicians with tools and a framework to expand clinical trial access to more patients”

Efficient and powerful Healthcare is the core of every country, and this is supported by timely clinical trials. However, the main challenge across almost all clinical trials is meeting enrollment goals on time. Organizations are in search of solutions to ensure recruitment is accelerated in all of their trials. This gap across businesses as well as between private practice and clinical research, is what Wellness Clinical Research, a state of the art, multi-specialty research institute, is bridging. With multiple locations in the United States and Puerto Rico, the organization’s core mission is to improve the lives of all human beings suffering from medical conditions with its contribution to medical research. “We have built a large database of research volunteers with detailed medical profiles. This allows us to quickly and accurately assess feasibility for new trials and ramp up recruitment for active projects,” begins Enmanuel Corvo, CEO, Wellness Clinical Research.

As a technology enabled company, Wellness Clinical Research’s cutting-edge solutions and procedures allows the team to operate at more than one location with the same level of quality. The team have developed a framework to enable the expansion of clinical research sites and thus making clinical trials more accessible to both physicians and patients. The company also have developed proprietary processes and software solutions to make the creation, growth, and support of a research site a simple experience with no disruption to a physician’s ongoing practice. 

What makes Wellness Clinical a successful provider is its continuous collaboration and partnerships with other tech enabled companies such as StudyProtocol.io. This type of a unique approach has enabled these companies to develop and leverage custom software solutions to improve operational efficiency and increase patient recruitment. From site identification to study close-out, Wellness Clinical’s team is diligently working to prevent delays, errors, and ensure protocol adherence.

The company’s proprietary software solutions allow to manage multiple research sites in different locations with ease in a centralized manner. Moreover, through years of industry experience, the team have been able to bring together lots of specialists in a wide range of therapeutic areas to broaden its services and increase the clinical trial pipeline,” points Corvo.

As a pioneer in clinical trial solution provider’s space, Wellness Clinical Research have always had a patient first approach. This is why the team have been devoted to increasing inclusion and diversity in clinical trials. The company’s platform enables patients to register and create a medical profile that is later used to notify them of new potential clinical trials matching their interests and profile.  The team have also built long lasting relationships with patients by ensuring that every step of their clinical research journey is a pleasant experience. “From initial recruitment, trial participation and study conclusion, we are constantly monitor patients experience by acquiring actionable feedback and promptly working to improve their experience,” adds Zorayei Gonzalez, Project Director.

As a pioneer in clinical trial solutions, Wellness Clinical Research has been providing innovative technology to a wide array of clinics and healthcare facilities. An instance that portray the company’s value proposition is when the team assisted a pharmaceutical sponsor that was struggling to recruit subjects for one of their more challenging clinical trial. They had 10 active clinical research sites at the time and Wellness Clinical Research’s team engage them and they were having serious challenges with recruitment. The company was also able to help this sponsor by initiating 4 new high enrolling research sites within the network in different geographic locations in a matter of 3 months. As a result, the sponsor was able to meet the enrollment goal 70% faster than they had anticipated.

Today, Wellness Clinical’s team are noticing a shift in the industry landscape toward decentralized trials and remote care. It is the company’s hope to explore these trends further and create solutions to keep on empowering physicians and making clinical trials more and more accessible to patients. Moreover, the company realized there was a tremendous need to expand access to clinical trials for patients where the standard treatments have not worked. Wellness Clinical Research’s team wanted to bring awareness to alternative research therapies to patients that could potentially benefit but had no knowledge or guidance. Most patients interested in clinical trials are often left struggling to navigate an opaque system littered with medical jargon and middle-men. “Our goal has always been to make it easy for all patients to discover promising clinical trials empower physicians with tools and a framework to expand clinical trial access to more patients,” says Zorayei Gonzalez.

In fact, the fuel that drives Wellness Clinical Research to success today is their ideology that “no matter how good a system is, it can always improve.” “This is at the core of our mission as an organization. We are constantly evolving toward better service to our patients, physicians, and pharmaceutical sponsors. By looking at the future and where the industry is moving, we are able anticipate changes and through our technology we are able to pivot and adapt faster and easier than our competitors,” concludes Corvo.

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